Pinggu sampling site

The rural site located in the Xibaidian (XBD) Village, Daxingzhuang town, Pinggu District, Beijing, which is in the northeastern direction of Beijing urban area, as shown in Fig 2. The detailed landscape imagery of XBD village is shown in Fig 2. The size of the village is 835 meters from south to north, and 344 meters from west to east.

The sampling site located in the north end of the village, which is away from residential areas (Figure 2). The sampling area consisted of yard and a row of single-story brick building with several rooms, which will be used specifically for clinical visits and instrument deployment. Around the building, there’s a small woods of peach trees on the west side, and some greenhouses on the east side. A two-lane road is about 200-300 meters north to the building. The road would be a pollution source but its traffic volume is relatively low. 

Table 2. List of instruments at Pinggu in the first sampling campaign

Intruments  Parameters Institutes Contact
Thermo NOx/SO2/CO/O3 Peking university Tong Zhu
SNAQ Meteorological Cambridge Ouyang Bin
BAM 1020 PM2.5 mass concentration Peking university Tong Zhu
High vols * 1 Filters of PM2.5 IAP Pingqing Fu
Partisol Filters of PM2.5 University of Birmingham Zongbo Shi
High vols * 1 Filters of PM2.5; high time resolution University of Birmingham Zongbo Shi
Medium vol  * 1 Filters of PM2.5 Peking university Tong Zhu
Four Channel PM2.5 PM2.5 mass concentration Peking university Tong Zhu
Low volume Size-resolved PM size resolved PM IAP Pingqing Fu
MAAP + Sunset online BC or EC Peking university Tong Zhu
SMPS size distribution Tsinghua Xianbao Shen
Xact Metal element Peking university Tong Zhu
ACMS NR-chemical composition Tsinghua Xianbao Shen
SP2 soot Tsinghua Xianbao Shen
SPAMS single particle Tsinghua Yang Chen