The rural Pinggu site in Xibaidian village (40.17◦ N, 117.05◦ E) in north-eastern Beijing was collocated with the AIRLESS project cohort. Xibaidian village is about 4 km north-west of the Pinggu town centre and about 60 km from IAP.

There are several similar small villages nearby. The monitoring station and the clinic used an unoccupied house at the north end of the village away from significant local combustion sources.

A two-lane road is about 300 m north of the site. With no centralised heating infrastructure available, residents mainly use coal and biomass for heating and cooking in individual homes

Table. Atmospheric Measurements for AIRLESS

Species Technique Institution   PIs/collaborators
NOx/SO2/CO/O3 Thermo ICCAS Shengrui Tong
Meteorological SNAQ Cambridge Ouyang Bin
Filters of PM2.5 High vols (2) IAP Pingqing Fu
online BC or EC MAAP or PAX Tsinghua Li Xin
size distribution SMPS Tsinghua Li Xin
Metal element Xact PKU Zhu Tong
NR-chemical composition ACMS Tsinghua Li Xin
soot SP2 Tsinghua Li Xin
single particle SPAMS Tsinghua Li Xin
VOCs canister York Jacqui Hamilton
PM2.5/PM2.5-10 metal composition Streaker Birmingham Zongbo Shi
Meteorological Met One PKU Zhu Tong