Integrated assessment of the emission-health-socioeconomics nexus and air pollution mitigation solutions and interventions in Beijing (INHANCE)

UK principal investigator: Professor Dabo Guan, University of East Anglia

Chinese principal investigator: Professor Shu Tao, Peking University

WP1: Project Management and Communication

To ensure the overall objectives are met in an interdisciplinary environment, we will have an Executive Committee consisting of the two co-PIs, two project coordinators, 6 ‘Champions’ and 2-3 key policy stakeholders. The 3 champion pairs, with relevant research expertise from INHANCE, will map to each programme theme for co-production of knowledge and efficient integration among the entire consortium

WP2: Quantitative performance assessment of China’s current air pollution policies

This WP will score the effectiveness of current anti-air pollution measures in China. The scorecards will help the whole consortium better understand the strengths and weaknesses of different measures and identify cost-effective measures in current anti-air pollution policies.

WP3: Nexus among energy-emission-health (physical and mental)-socioeconomic impact

Quantify these interactive among vulnerability, health, implication for industry and economic consequences.

WP4: Integrated policy design and assessment for policy cost-effectiveness

INHANCE is an integrator for the projects funded in other themes to deliver an evidence based, fully coordinated and practically feasible solution for China’s urban air pollution mitigation.