Effects of air pollution on cardiopulmonary disease in urban & peri-urban residents in Beijing (AIRLESS)

UK principal investigator: Professor Frank Kelly, King's College London

Chinese principal investigator: Professor Tong Zhu, Peking University

WP1: Recruitment and Questionnaires

Establish two panels comprising of 120 individuals each from the CMCS and INTERMAP cohorts. By home interview we will re-enrol 120 participants of the CMCS Study who live in urban Beijing and 120 participants of the China INTERMAP Study who reside in outer Beijing in the Pinggu region

WP2: Personal Air Monitor measurement

Use personal air pollution monitors to assess panel participants to exposure to key health related pollutants

WP3: Assessment of cardiopulmonary function

Assess cardiopulmonary function in CMCS and INTERMAP panels

WP4: Linkage with other themes

Although a novel feature of this application is the collection of individualised air pollution exposure data on all panel members the project is strengthened further through the planned use of the rich set of pollution metrics that will be collected by the chosen projects under Themes I and II.

WP5: Assessment of the association between air pollution exposure and key cardiopulmonary measures

Our aim in WP5 is to examine the relationship between exposure to air pollutants collected in WP2 (personal monitoring and data obtained from Theme I) and cardiopulmonary symptoms and events, focusing on seasonal changes and urban versus peri-urban airsheds.