2nd Air Pollution and Human Health in a Chinese Megacity Programme (APHH-China) Meeting

Nearly 100 scientists from China and UK attended the second APHH-China science meeting, which was held at King’s College London, UK from 5th to 7th April, 2017.

The meeting was opened by Professor Frank Kelly, UK lead PI of AIRLESS project and the host of the 2nd APHH-China science meeting. This was followed by a welcome note from Dr. Lizzie Garrett from NERC and an introduction to the science and technology collaboration between the UK and China by Minister Counsellor Jiang Sulan from the China Embassy in London.

The main scientific meeting was divided into five sessions, each representing one of the five projects within the APHH-China programme. A total of 43 presentations were given during the 2.5 day meeting. APHH-China participants presented exciting new results from the first measurement campaigns in winter 2016 and discussed future work and potential integration across the APHH-China programme.

Professor Roy Harrison, UK lead PI of AIRPOLL, addressed the conference dinner on 6th April and thanked all participants, in particular those from China, for attending the science meeting in London and contributing to the APHH-China programme. He also thanked Angela Lewis and Valentina Lotti from Frank Kelly’s group for their excellent logistic support.

The meeting also discussed scientific and logistic support for the second field campaign in Beijing from 22nd May to 26th June. This was followed by a final discussion session regarding the Newton Fund extension to the APHH-Beijing programme which was chaired by Dr. Caroline Culshaw from NERC.

The 3rd science meeting will be held in Beijing on 15-16 June, 2017.