1st meeting in Birmingham 20th May 2016

Minutes - Air Pollution and Human Health in a Chinese Megacity programme UK start meeting

Date: 20th May



1.     Ally Lewis: ally.lewis@york.ac.uk

2.     Rachel Dunmore: rachel.dunmore@york.ac.uk  

3.     Kelly Pereira: kelly.pereira@york.ac.uk

4.     James Lee: james.lee@york.ac.uk


5.     Sarah Steimer: ss2349@cam.ac.uk

6.     Lia Chatzidiakou: ec571@cam.ac.uk

7.     Bin Ouyang: bo237@cam.ac.uk


8.     Roy Harrison: r.m.harrison@bham.ac.uk

9.     Zongbo Shi: z.shi@bham.ac.uk

10.   Bill Bloss: w.j.bloss@bham.ac.uk

11.   Leigh Crilley: l.crilley@bham.ac.uk

12.   Tuan Vu: v.vu@bham.ac.uk

13.   Adam Davis: amd830@bham.ac.uk


14.   Lisa Whalley: L.K.Whalley@leeds.ac.uk

15.   Chunxiang Ye: C.Ye@leeds.ac.uk


16.   Jenny Stocker: Jenny.stocker@cerc.co.uk



17.   Brian Davison: b.davison@lancaster.ac.uk

18.   Oliver Wild: o.wild@lancaster.ac.uk


19.   Eiko Nemitz: en@ceh.ac.uk


20.   Gordon McFiggans: g.mcfiggans@manchester.ac.uk

21.   Carl Percival: Carl.Percival@manchester.ac.uk


22.   Simone Kotthaus: s.kotthaus@reading.ac.uk

23.   Janet Barlow: j.f.barlow@reading.ac.uk


24.   Zhang, Hanbin: hanbin.zhang@kcl.ac.uk

25.   Frank Kelly (via Skype)


26.   Paul Quincey: paul.quincey@npl.co.uk


27.   Miranda Loh: miranda.loh@iom-world.org


28.   Anand Jasdeep: jsa13@leicester.ac.uk


29.   Graham Mills: G.Mills@uea.ac.uk



Project Updates:


-       Presentation from Bin Ouyang discussing Sensor Network for Air Quality (SNAQ) boxes. Six to be deployed IAP, 5 Pinggu and 19 Beijing. SNAQs to be ready for end of July.

-       Discussion between Ally Lewis and Paul Quincey regarding instrument calibration in China. It was agreed that the Chinese National Institute of Metrology would not likely be able to contribute to instrument calibration.

-       Kelly Pereira raised the issue of High volume aerosol sampling, four samplers are to be used in total, with quartz filters to be split between Birmingham, York and Cambridge.

-       Trial high volume aerosol samples will be obtained prior to campaign from IAP, Adam Davis and Zongbo Shi to organise. Filters to be distributed to York, Cambridge and IOM. Zongbo Shi to find out about calibration of the Chinese high vol samplers.

-       Data exchange protocol to be signed by one member of each institution and returned to Zongbo Shi, unless objections are provided in writing (also to Zongbo Shi).




-       Presentation from Lia Chatzidiakou discussing Personal Air Monitors (PAMs), with 30 to be deployed in Pinggu and 30 at PKU. Some concerns were raised over the reproducibility of the PAM measurements.

-       Staff at PKU to change filters on sampling equipment (will take approx. 1/2hr each day). Zongbo Shi/Adam Davis to check internet access for continuous monitoring of instruments.

-       Frank Kelly (via Skype) discussed with Roy Harrison and Ally Lewis the modification and funding for the PKU site (cost estimated at £10 – 15k). Frank Kelly to talk to PKU and Zongbo Shi to contact IAP regarding sharing costs for site modification. UK institutions using data from the site and/or placing sensors at the site will also contribute to funding. Frank Kelly will also provide drawn plans for the site within 2 weeks and identify a mechanism through which PKU can be reimbursed for expenses.


-       Presentation from Miranda Loh and a discussion with Roy Harrison regarding the high volume filter requirements and the suitability of quartz filters for toxicology work. Miranda to provide more details on the samples required.



Chemical/Gas list

-       Adam Davis to create Google documents for chemical and gas requirements. Everyone will need to have completed their entries by the 1st June.

-       Gas standards can be shipped via NPL; Rachel Dunmore will coordinate if required

Container Shipping/location

-       Presentation from Rachel Dunmore. Containers likely to enter Beijing through the ports of Xingang or Tianjin. The Shipping time is estimated to be between 31 – 41 days (with 7 – 10 days in Chinese customs).

-       Rachel Dunmore has produced a template for a high level list which will be circulated as a Google document.

-       All those shipping equipment by container will complete the high level list by 1st June in order to organise shipping before the end of August.

-       An initial layout and list of equipment was produced by James Lee and all participants, this will be integrated into the container shipping list and finalised by 1st June (Adam Davis)

-       Zongbo Shi to relay information regarding the Chinese customs agent to Rachel Dunmore



Air Freight

-       It is advised that for customs and cost purposes all items to be air shipped should be in a combined shipment (they can however be picked up separately from their respective institutions).

-       To arrive in time for the beginning of the first field campaign, the items should be shipped no later than mid-October.

-       Items to be air freighted should be entered into the Google document created by Rachel Dunmore.

Requirements at IAP and Pinggu (to be arranged by Zongbo Shi and Adam Davis)

-       Internet connection at both sites, guest network to be set up at IAP

-       Access to basic lab equipment oven/fridge/fumehood/MilliQ supply

-       Request office space (with internet) at IAP

-       Access to IAP tower (Eiko Nemitz to email Zongbo Shi with specific requests/questions)


-       Accommodation at the Vision Hotel was discussed (Ally Lewis, Roy Harrison, Zongbo Shi). Zongbo Shi is to negotiate with IAP to gain better rate with the Vision Hotel, however individuals will be expected to book separately (i.e. there will not be a combined booking for all institutions).

Action Plan



Person responsible



Create Google-Docs for the Consortium: instrument, chemical, gas lists

Adam Davis/Rachel Dunmore

27th May 2016


PM sample plans: number of samplers and filter needs; availability of medium volume samplersàneed of Partisols?

Filter for oxidative potential test

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

27th May 2016


Sample requirement for animal test

Miranda Loh

27th May 2016


Data sharing protocol to send to Chinese partners

Zongbo Shi

3rd June 2016


Data agreement signature and send to Zongbo Shi and Lead PI of specific projects

All participating organizations

3rd June 2016


Identifying who can provide the air quality monitoring data from Beijing and clarifying data use restriction and possible data use agreement

Zongbo Shi

3rd June 2016


Check power need and size for instruments from China at the rural site and IAP site

Zongbo Shi

3rd June 2016


Air pollution maps in Beijing (<3km): annual and seasonal

Miranda Loh/Oliver Wild to contact Li Jie

End of June 2016


Check with Tsinghua whether there was analysis of network data

Zongbo Shi

3rd June 2016


Details of gas standards to Rachel Dunmore from other institutions, if needed

Relevant organizations

1st June 2016


Contact IAP to collect one week four-sets 24h of high-vol samples; check sample calibration methods before sampling

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

27th May 2016


Check with PKU (Keding Lu/Zhijun Wu) whether they would like to have their HTDMA and CCN counter in Manchester container (co-location Preferred)

Adam Davis

27th May 2016


Check with Mei Zheng whether the Xact will be located (considering existing recommendations)

Adam Davis

27th May 2016


Update chemical lists (purity, mass or volume) on googledoc generated by Adam Davis

Everyone who needs chemicals to be purchased by IAP

1st June 2016


Gas lists (purity, volume, number, number of regulators) to googledoc generated by Adam Davis

Everyone who needs gas cylinders to be purchased by IAP

1st June 2016


Generate a final chemical and gas cylinder list

Adam Davis

2nd June 2016


Check PAN measurements at IAP by Peking

Lisa Whalley

1st June 2016


Generate a draft site building plan for rural site

Han Yiqun/Frank Kelly

1st June 2016


Revise site plan and send back to Han Yiqun/Frank Kelly

Roy Harrison/Ally Lewis/Zongbo Shi

7th June 2016


Contact contractor to generate a cost estimate and send to Zongbo Shi/Roy Harrison/Ally Lewis/Frank Kelly

Yiqun Han/Frank Kelly

17th June 2016


Negotiate with Tsinghua to contribute to the site building

Zongbo Shi

End of June 2016


Negotiate with PKU to contribute to the site building

Frank Kelly

End of June 2016


Contact IAP to provide an additional movable laboratory

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

End of May


Update and finalize the instrument location list

Everyone involved to Adam Davis

1th June 2016


Check with Vision Hotel for discount availability and send emails to all participants on availability of hotels

Zongbo Shi/Di Liu

End of June 2016


Availability of office desks and internet access at IAP during campaign

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

End of June 2016


Check with IAP to ensure Ethernet cable to container:

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

7th June 2016


Check internet access at Pinggu site

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

7th June 2016


IAP lab accessibility

Adam Davis/Zongbo Shi

7th June 2016


List of issues on IAP tower access

Eiko Nemitz to send to Zongbo Shi

End of May 2016


Reminder of weather conditions; checking for weather conditions during Nov and June


Adam Davis to everyone involved

End of June 2016